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Our Professionals

CDTRC has professional expertise that includes educators, child development experts and trainers. Most have graduate level education and more than three years of experience in designing training process and conducting trainings at different levels.

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What makes us unique?

Our philosophy of education is based on building strong relationship and modeling for our trainees. Our role is mainly facilitating learning process and coaching. Most of our trainings are competency based and we champion experiential learning method and insist on learning by doing.

What our customers saying about us

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Our Vision

The vision of the CDTRC  is to see a new generation of Ethiopians that will be terminal points to the shame and agony and suffering of the Ethiopian people and instead bring about healthy, wealthy and peaceful Ethiopia where justice and equality of individuals and the different nations and nationalities of the country is guaranteed.

Our mission

The mission of the CDTRC is to transform and equip the hearts and minds of people working for and with children and influencing the powerful so that the nurture, development and role of children are given greater importance and emphasis in the Ethiopian society and beyond.


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