After-school Program

The role of parents for children to be successful in every aspect of their lives is paramount. According to a finding from a research done by search institute, one determining factor of children’s success in education is the active involvement of parents/ caregivers. But in reality, many parents in Ethiopia fail to engage in the education process of children as they struggle to provide for their family. The focus of our afterschool/ sponsorship program is to economically empower parents/ caregivers making their living conditions a little simpler so that they could have energy left to nurture the holistic development of their children. In addition to this the afterschool provides supplementary education, meal and medical support for sponsored children. The CDTRC also makes great investment in organizing trauma healing camps, skill training events and character formation programs for the children in the sponsorship program. You can join us in this wonderful work by becoming a sponsor to a child/ children.

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