Urban Farming

CDTRC also engaged in community engagement works in Sendafa. The town is located 39km away from the capital city of the country, Addis Ababa. The current estimated population size is nearly 120,000 as the town administration statistic showed. The unemployment rate precedes 35%. The youth especially female and single moms are the numerous one.

Still the town has the diverse future hopes; since it is very near to the capital city the market chain will be easy. The neighboring towns are farm lands, to adapt urban farming and gaining seedlings is easy. The town has diverse population, linking to other regions and sharing experiences will be applicable since they can speak other languages, and integrate with different cultures.

CDTRC observing the challenge of the unemployment and analyzing the need started a pilot urban farming project since June, 2022. The organization has a wide open space therefore, allocating 50 m2  for vegetable farming, 13000 m2  wheat and teff plantation it started the model urban farming.

Achievements of the year progress

CDTRC - Urban FarmngThe vegetable farm produced Beetroot, Spinach, Carrot, Red onion, Garlic, Lettuce, Cabbage, Zkuni, Parsley, Fasolia, and Pumpkin. The vegetables were planted according to their season, and from one row of the farm it produced 12 kg in average.

The local community members nearly 300 persons bought the vegetables with cheap price comparing to the market. They also observe how easily vegetables are produced in small scale lands.

CDTRC also has an after school program, in this program 80 students will come to the center three times a week, get snack, tutorial class, and play with their assigned social workers. Those kids participated in the urban farming,and learned how to cultivate vegetables. More over, the interested kids took seedlings and planted it in their homes.

CDTRC has also used the produced vegetables for meal while conducting the training for the youths, and community members. Since it is a non profit making organization, using its own produced vegetables saved the costly purchased vegetables from the market.

Currently, CDTRC has managed to prepare a wide land for wheat and teff production and is in the process of sowing seeds. The organization also has planted more than 1300 edible trees this year incorporation with the local government implementing the green legacy program.

Future Plan of Urban Farming

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